Schick Razor Trimmer

While the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor is only partly electric, it gets you introduced to using an electric razor. At around $11 on Amazon, it is one of the cheaper razors you can get. Out of almost 2,000 customer reviews, it received 4 stars overall for the product. The shaving part of the Schick Hydro razor is not electric, but the bottom part is. It includes a bikini trimmer that works excellently for your generic brand of razor. Look below to figure out if this razor might be good for you for temporary or long-term use. 


  • It’s a hydrating razor, so it gives moisture to the skin.
  • It has 5 curve sensing blades for a close shave, and because it is a normal razor, it provides a close shave.
  • It comes with a waterproof bikini trimmer.
  • The comb of the bikini trimmer is adjustable, so you can get to any length of hair.


  • It doesn’t have all the qualities of an electric shaver.
  • You might get cuts from the razor part of this because it is not electric.
  • Some customers say the bikini trimmer is weak, and it doesn’t last long.
  • You have to use batteries with the trimmer, so it’s not as convenient as an electric shaver.
  • Some customers say that the bikini trimmer broke in a short period of time, so be careful with that part of the razor.


For a partly electric razor, this is a great price for the money. It’s a hybrid electric razor, so don’t expect it to work the same way as an electric razor. In fact, on Amazon, there are 61% 5 star reviews, which shows the popularity of the razor. If you’re looking for something that works well for short-term use, then this is the product for you. Look further for completely electric razors to try, and see which ones work best for you.