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Look Younger for Longer With These Top Tips


Whether you’re barely hitting your thirties, or creeping into your fifties, there will always be that worry of looking older than you are. Aging is something that will happen to the best of us, but there are ways of slowing it down. If you want to look younger for longer, without investing in surgery, then these top tips will help you achieve just that.

Drink Plenty of water

How many of us drink that recommended 8 glasses, or two pints, of water every day? Come on, be honest! A busy lifestyle tends to take over, and priorities like drinking 8 glasses of water are lost under that massive pile of washing you need to get through. Water is the key to fresher looking, youthful skin, so it’s important we drink as much as we can. One top tip from a nutritionist is to buy a small bottle of water and keep refilling it. You only need to refill a 500ml water bottle 4 times, which makes it easier to keep track of than refilling a glass.

Cut out alcohol and cigarettes

This can be a tough tip to follow for those who like a few glasses of wine at the weekend, along with a cheeky cigarette. However, if you really want to look younger for longer, these bad habits need to stop. It’s okay to drink, in moderation; in fact some experts say that the odd glass of wine will help you to detox. Smoking, however; there’s nothing good about that. Cut it out or at least cut down for glowing skin and fewer wrinkles.

Eat more fruit and veg

Just like drinking water, how many of us will admit to getting their 5 fruit and veg a day? Again, it can be difficult with a busy family life to make sure we are eating properly, especially when cooking dinner that the whole family will like. There are some inventive ways to hit that fruit and veg goal every day, including making your own juices or smoothies and family friendly recipes packed with veg. Start with a small goal, like eating more fresh food 3 times a week, then build up until you’re doing this every day.

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