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Creating a Business Plan for a Work-At-Home Wedding Photography Business

If you're a photographer who has decided to take the plunge into running your own wedding photography business from home, then you are not alone. In fact, this type of business is growing in popularity as skilled photographers, whether they are professionals or simply love to take photos to spur their creativity, discover that starting their own business is within their grasp. However, there are a number of pitfalls that you need to avoid as you start your own business, and most of them can be avoided by writing out a business plan. Planning ahead and preparation will help you feel more confident about starting your business and will allow you to create a checklist so that you can consider every aspect of your company, its needs, and how you plan to run it in the long term. Here are a few tips how to become a wedding photographer.

Step One: Consider What You Have to Offer

This point is almost as important as your budget, as it will be the basis of your business. Your talent will help get you started, but what can you offer your clients that will make you stand out from other businesses? Can you offer competitive pricing, unique posing ideas, or editing technology that's completely unique? Will you offer your clients a broad range of experience, education, or a mix of both when they ask about your qualifications? This is the step people most often overlook and is one of the main reasons that their small business often fails, as you must understand your own value and skills before you can expect others to want to pay for them.

Step Two: Map Out Your Staffing Needs

Mapping out your staffing needs before you plan your overall budget will help you address how you plan to pay anyone who works for you, what kind of staffing you will need, if any, or, if you plan to work alone, how you will track payments and report your earnings. This phase of your business plan also allows you to work out how and where you can find temporary help for larger gigs when you need it. If your budget will not allow for temporary help, consider offering mentoring and the opportunity of work experience to young photographers who may want to one day start their own businesses.

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Making your Wedding Frames Perfect - Wedding Photography Checklist

Making your Wedding Frames Perfect - Wedding Photography Checklist

Your D day is without doubt the most important day in your life which you want to cherish forever. And as they say it, a camera can literally still the world and capture much beyond than just what we see. Weddings are meant to be absolutely beautiful and in order to capture those special frames of your important day; you need a certain someone who not only is adept at clicking perfect frames, but also captures the best of you. Your wedding photographer should be able to capture the true essence of the wedding and every bit of grandness your wedding showcases. Although you wedding is the most memorable day in your life, it only lasts a day and what lasts forever are memories, perfectly caught in your wedding frames. Hence, if you want to feel like a bride all over again while turning pages of your wedding album, it is extremely essential to book a good wedding photographer.

Wedding photography these days, image by Amy Bramley

Since picking a good wedding photographer is one of the most essential parts of a wedding it is important to pay attention to few points. Now, for the ones living in Perth, you are in luck sincewedding photography Perth is quite exceptional courtesy the ace wedding photographers. Find below few tips to help you choose the best wedding photographer Perth.

Time is money: Be very particular about the number you hours or days you want to engage the photographer. For instance do you just want your wedding to be covered or do you want other days on the list as well such as your engagement day, your pre wedding shots, post wedding shots etc. The cost of the photographer can vary according to the time devoted by him; hence talk to him clearly and well in advance.Develop a detailed shot sheet: If you are particular about few must click pictures, it is a good idea to communicate that to the wedding photographer Perth WA, so that he can perform his job well. Develop a detailed list of shots and hand it to the photographer and he can incorporate that in his own list.Usage of photos it important: Be sure as to how you are going to use your wedding photographs. For instance, do you want them in a printed album or soft copies or just the negatives? Communicate it to the photographer, since cost can vary accordingly.Budgeting is crucial: This is one of the most essential determining factors of choosing your wedding photographer. Different photographers have varied budgets, depending on their experience, style of work and published work. You can pick according to your budget constraint. Now, compromising on quality isn’t advised, however keep a pre fixed budget in your mind with a upper and lower limit. Make it a point not to cross the upper limit.Liking in person is important: You must be able to gel well with the wedding photographer on a personal level, since he can only capture the personal candid snaps if he understands you well enough.Keeping track of all the photographers: Make a detailed note of the photographer you have talked to, the costs involved, their style of work etc for future reference.References do work: Don’t forget to ask for references and take a look at their port folio.Lock and seal, once sure: Finding a perfect wedding photographer can be tricky. Thus once you have found him/her, don’t delay and lock him.Sign a contract: Carefully read the contract and sign it once sure.Litmus test: As a litmus test, you can ask you wedding photographer to click a few snaps before your wedding to see how good he/she is.


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