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Comfortable and Fashionable Wetsuits

A wetsuit, a neoprene outfit, insulates and keeps the whole body very warm while in water. It is usually used by divers, kite boarders, surfers and other water sportsmen. It also gives more buoyancy. Wetsuits are usually very tight and may chafe leading to the development of rashes. Therefore, it is ideal to wear something underneath them. Depending on the reason why you are wearing one, the kind of activities you intend to engage in and probably how excited you are when changing your clothes, there are a number of recommendations for what you should wear underneath the wetsuit, either a simple swimsuit or nothing.ComfortDepending on the exact activity you intend to engage in while putting on your wetsuit, be it surfing, swimming, triathlon or scuba, unrestricted movement, availability of a room to change in and comfort are the things that should come first on your priority list. If you wear a lot of clothing underneath the wetsuit, it will limit your motion or maybe result in chafing. On the other hand, bearing nothing at all can lead to some embarrassing moments if you need to change your clothes in the parking lot at the beach.Surfing and ScubaScuba divers and surfers usually do not wear a lot of clothing. At times, they do not wear anything under the wetsuits to ensure that their motion is fully unrestricted. A number of swimsuits provide enough ease for motion while performing such activities. Male surfers usually prefer shorts as their swimwear. Scuba divers on the other hand prefer speedo trunks: the brief-style. Female divers and surfers prefer bikini or two-piece swimwear underneath their wetsuits.TriathlonThere are competitors who prefer a garment which can serve multiple purposes, commonly referred to as tri suit, so as to avoid changing clothes and wasting a lot of time in between events. If the water is very cold, then a triathlete would prefer a full wetsuit more, as he/ she may have the choice of wearing a running or cycling gear below the suit to be able to change quickly between events.Skin CareWetsuits are usually designed to fit very tightly and therefore can cause skin irritation. A swimsuit or a rash guard may help avoid such situations. Apply astroglide or Vaseline on limbs if you are wearing a tight fitting suit. This is especially important for parents when assisting their kids when trying on kids wetsuits.

Suit CareThe material (neoprene) the wetsuits are made from and the fact that the swimsuit get wet and soaked many times are enough reasons to take care of these garments well. Dry the suit after use and before you store it. Storing suits while they are still wet may cause growth of mildew, mold, and cause it to wear out early.Preference determines your choice of suit but comfort is also an essential consideration. Before you purchase one, try it first. Although cost is a major factor, high-end suits usually require minor improvements. Do not spend too much to get an effective comfortable wetsuit.

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