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Top hairstyles to suit different personalities

Top hairstyles to suit different personalities

If you thought that wearing your hair in a particular style is simply to enhance your look and complement your outfit, you must contemplate that all over again. Usually, women opt for a particular hairstyle based on the shape of their face, the structure of their cheekbones, the colour of their skin and a plethora of other factors. However, what they forget to include when styling their hair is essentially their personality.

Expressing yourself and who you really are by means of your hairstyle can be interesting and can also instil a sense of confidence. You may have plonked yourself on the salon chair to trade in your old look for a snazzy new one. However, before you watch your hairstylist chop and style your tresses when you use joewell scissors, you must essentially try to analyse your hairstyle based on your personality. The simple reason for this is the fact that a good hairstyle reflecting your personality effectively describes the person that you are. Given below is a comprehensive list of hairstyles that will mirror your personality and help bring out your real self.


Sporty and active:

If you love your active lifestyle and rely on strenuous physical activities, you will definitely not enjoy having your hair fly into your face every time go for a long run. Besides, if you are the kind of woman who loves a good adventure and often finds herself camping in the woods and taking up activities that pump up the adrenaline, you must go for a shorter cut, preferably the pixie cut. This is short yet stylish and gives you a sporty look that emanates your no-nonsense attitude. This is the kind of hairstyle that will not get in the way of your adventurous activities and will also ensure that it complements your overall personality when washed, dried and styled well. The tomboy:

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