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Watch Comedy at the end of a tiring day

The growth in home entertainment has reflected the pressure of modern day life; it may be that both parents are working but also the time taken in commuting to and from work has increased. An eight hour working day may be a ten or eleven hour day from front door to return.  In these circumstances there is little time or energy for socialising other than at the weekend.

Alternatives to television

Television is an obvious source of entertainment but the mundane ordinary schedules were a reason for the popularity of video and DVD releases of the latest films once the distributors thought they had maximised box office potential. It was another revenue source to augment the takings at the box office. There is a third source of revenue for the movie studios and that is the deal negotiated between the film companies and satellite broadcasters to show premiere films much quicker now than television would previously have provided access.

Satellite television has made major inroads into the traditional terrestrial companies and its owners have explored every way to market themselves to reach income levels via subscription and advertising.

The Internet has provided a new opportunity and that is for consumers to buy access to their products through the Internet. These on demand services provide users access to an online interactive library of movies that can be accessed anytime. A good example is NOW TV. All that is required to watch Now TV movies online is a good broadband connection.

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