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Hunt for the Winter Jacket

Hunt for the Winter Jacket

I’ve been on the hunt for my own personal winter holy grail – a fashionable and affordable winter jacket that is going to keep me warm no matter what.  Whether it is snowing, drizzling or blowing freezing arctic winds I want to know that I can step out of the house without feeling like I am carrying my own body weight. Also, I want to make sure what I am wearing looks good.

Thinking of Your Winter Jacket as an Investment

Sure there are plenty of jackets out there that will keep me warm, almost fool me that its not really as cold outside as it is.  But, and I will take the liberty of generalising – they rarely ever pass fashion muster. That is from years of experience of shopping for a winter jacket with my budget conscious mother.  Every time she bundled me in yet another sleeping bag with buttons masquerading as a jacket, either my facial expressions gave me away or a small groan of disgust passed my lips. It was at this point I was reminded that life was not a fashion parade. 

Oh, but it is!!

Although I didn’t inherit her disdain for fashion over function I did inherit her quest for value for money. I wouldn’t say I was tight with money – I just like to know that I am getting what I’m paying for.  And over the years I’ve applied it to my wardrobe and its worked without fail.  So of course I’m taking that approach to my quest for a winter jacket.  I know I’ll be able to find a jacket that is stylish and functional, will keep me warm and will be totally affordable.  Just look at the jackets like the one in this great little article – trendy, super functional and you just know that is going to keep you warm, all at a reasonable price.

To Each Their Own

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