Top 5 Caribbean Islands for Spotting Undersea Wildlife

Some envision lazy days on luxurious beaches while dreaming of the quintessential Caribbean vacation. Adventure seekers picture hundreds of brightly colored fish flitting in and out from the coral reef. The Caribbean is known around the world for its incredible shallow reefs just off of island shores, making snorkeling one of the most sought after past times on the islands.

If you are interested in making swimming with the fishes, part of your Caribbean holiday, you will want to book your time on one of these islands:


One of 3 islands known as the Bay Islands, Roatan is the largest and can be found off of the northern coast of Honduras. What makes Roatan and the Bay Islands so special is that they are severely under developed in comparison with the other islands in the Caribbean. This gives you a feel for what life was like in paradise before the western world discovered it.


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