Jason De Caires Taylor is at it again !

Jason De Caires Taylor is at it again !

You probably dont know who this is and that is what is so cool about the net, stumbling across this kind of thing. I met Jason once upon a time on a dive boat in Grenada. He gave me some tips on shooting underwater footage. This is the kind of thing he does...

But the news is that he just signed up to do one of his famous 'parks' in Lanzarote ! And as usual each one has some fantastic ideas for new sculptures. His work isnt just underwater it is distinctly meaningful. And you have the chance to be moulded into one of his underwater characters, he likes people is a common theme in his work. I sugest you head over to his site to see some inspirational work. Long may he continue to make interesting dive sites and also snorkle sites as they are never too deep.

Thanks Jason ! Visit Underwater Sculpture >>


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