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Victoria Beckham's New 'Kind of Coat'

As we all know, Victoria Beckham is a marmite character, you either love her or hate her.  There are very few people that can sit on the fence when it comes to the style queen.  Me, well I'm in the former camp, I love her.  I think she's managed to turn herself into a one woman style goddess, has one of the hottest husbands on the planet, and gorgeous fashion model and sporty children!  Now who wouldn't want her life? 

Now this weekend Vicky B has been photographed wearing a coat with no sleeves whilst walking and use the term lightly, I don't think she walks around anywhere in the those heels of hers.  Her fashion bashers have said it was quite pointless.  I don't know I quite like it, but then I think she'd look good in a black bag.  What do you think??


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