Congratulations to Rochelle and Marvin Humes! It's a Girl!!

Just as I suspected The Saturdays Rochelle Wiseman gave birth to a little baby girl this morning who they have named Aaylia May.  


It was just last week that new daddy Marvin Humes, member of the soon to be defunct boyband JLS and now Capital Radio DJ, seemed to let slip the sex of their new arrival during an interview with the breakfast show host Dave Berry.

No details on weight as yet, more to follow.

But a big congrats from us!  xoxo

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Did Marvin Humes Let the Sex of His and Rochelle's Baby out of the Bag?!

There's been lot's of speculation about the sex of JLS 's Marvin Humes and The Saturday's Rochelle's impending baby.  However on London's Capital Radio Breakfast show hosted by Dave Berry and stand in for Lisa Snowdon, Kat Shoob this morning, they had an item where Dave Berry trawled the streets of London asking for suggestions on what they could name the already one week late baby.  Dave then called Marvin, who has a Friday night slot himself on Capital to hand over the suggestions.  One listener decided they should name the poor mite Rashville, a mash up of it's parents name.  To which Marv responded.  "I don't know, I've been thinking how I would like to shorten HER name.  And I can't shorten it to Rash, that's not right."


Dave didn't skip a beat and Kat didn't seem to pick up on it.  Even though they kept trying  to find out what names they had short- listed.  

Needless to say, I guess the world will not have to wait much longer, as the overdue pop star, will give birth in the very near future.  Especially as she's had a few curries to try and kick start process according to the soon to be dad!

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