Contemporary Fashion over Practicality?

Contemporary Fashion over Practicality?

As we live in a world where technology and creativity continues to expand and grow, nothing is deemed impossible anymore. From solar energy to electric cars, we've seen an incredible increase in technology over the past century. The world is filled with a tonne of contemporary designs that we never thought would be possible. From the latest iPhone to a HD 3D television, the 21st century is also overloaded with materialistic things we just have to have.

Over the past few years, watches have become more of a materialistic object rather than a practical piece, with many people buying them as an accessory to add to their outfit. With many designers creating their own timepiece collections such as mens Diesel watches, buying a watch is not just about telling the time, it is also about fashion.

Take this ZIIIRO watch for example. It offers a much bespoke display with an appealing colour that is created using two transparent coloured discs. This wristwatch blends together the hours and minutes to provide a unique reading. Granted, it will take a bit of time to get use to it but nevertheless, the watch looks extremely cool and is worth the confusion.

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