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Pop Art and Men’s Fashion

Pop art and fashion have gone hand in hand for years, dating back to the 1950s. Men’s fashion has seen a steady increase graphic, printed and patterned clothing over the past few years, with pop art being at the forefront of this. Brands like FLY53 have had demonstrated their passion for pop art since the beginning.

Pop art takes the mundane and expresses this through fashion

We can’t discuss pop art without mentioning arguably the most famous artist of this genre, Andy Warhol. Warhol fused art and fashion to create pop art, to bring together celebrity culture, fashion, art, and advertising. Even in fashion today, Warhol’s work is featured on tops, bags, shoes, and anything else you can think of, with designers paying tribute to the man.

Whether it’s a printed t-shirt of comic strips, a jumper with a famous quote on, the layering up of a red jumper and blue shirt, men’s fashion is very much being influenced by pop art, and this is particular relevant right now, as fashion is becoming increasingly influenced by art to expand and develop new ways for people to express their personality through what they wear.

Being bold through the fusion of bright colours is very much the order of the day for men’s fashion at the moment. This type of striking symbolism is connected to pop art; just think about the Warhol soup cans, or the Marilyn Monroe print, both used a mixture of bold colours to stand out, and draw people in, so to that end, men’s fashion can very much relate to this technique of boldness through fashion.

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