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Different Types of Organic Clothing and Their Benefits

Different Types of Organic Clothing and Their Benefits

While a lot of people are aware of the benefits of organic food, not everyone considers the impact that using more organic clothing could have on the environment and the health of the people wearing it. There are a number of different eco friendly textiles out there, and since clothes production is one of the largest industries, making sure that more clothes are made in the accordance with environmentally friendly principles and practices could make a huge impact on the world we live in.

Organic Fibers

Even though organic clothing is not as strictly regulated as organic food, there are certain standards that have to be met in order for a piece of clothing to earn this prestigious label. For one, materials used in the production of organic clothing have to be of natural origin, and have to be grown without the application of different chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Additionally, processes involved in the production of such clothing can’t rely on chemicals, which includes using artificial dyes. This means that clothes made in this fashion are biodegradable and that their manufacture doesn’t contribute to pollution.


Even though bamboo clothes are often labeled organic, there is a special caveat associated with this type of clothing. Bamboo itself can be successfully grown without the use of pesticides of fertilizers, and provides for a very decent yield even if you don’t replant it after harvesting, so when it comes to the material itself, it is completely organic. However, in order to convert bamboo cellulose into usable fiber, chemical processes have to be involved, and they are what makes the label ‘organic’ somewhat questionable. However, if these processes are conducted in an environmentally conscious manner, with care when it comes to the disposal of the chemicals used, bamboo clothing can be called eco friendly. Bamboo clothing offers great insulation, it is wrinkle resistant, and very absorbent.

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