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Toddler Clothes Holiday Packing Made Easy

Packing clothes for your toddler to take on your summer holiday can be a bit tricky if you don't plan ahead.  There's so much to think about it can be mind boggling. Especially as most chartered airlines do not allow any baggage allowance for a child under two, as essentially you don't need to pay for a seat for them, so we end up packing their clothes, nappies, etc between your adult allowance, hoping not to end up paying for extra baggage.

We've been lucky enough to travel to some lovely destinations with our toddler now 22 months in the last year and a bit, and I've learnt a little about what to take and what not to.

Essentially if you're going to a hot country the clothes you take shouldn't be too bulky.  As I have a little girl, she tends to spend all day in either a 3/4 length sun suits and a hat, as her skin is very sensitive to the sun, but after a few days I will put swimsuit's on her too.  I've always been a bit fan of Next, and much to my partner's horror, I tend to buy out their collections every so often.  And there Summer offering this year will be no exception. 

Even though we have a little one we still go to either the hotel restaurant or somewhere local to eat with her, so dress her in alot of light cotton dresses, or vests with matching shorts that are easily folded down quite economically, and look lovely.

If your todder is walking like mine, I feel it is really important to have something on their delicate feet on the beach.  Even if you are on a sandy beach, they can still have alot of stones, or god forbid broken glass or some other hazzard. They still want to splash around in the water and you don't want to take shoes on and off everytime they are in and out. So I find the the ideal sandals are of the 'jelly' variety.  The little plastic shoes that have been around for decades. Indeed I wore them when I was little too, and that was a very long time ago!  These Peppa Pig ones (my toddler is obssessed with her), also from the illustrius Next are perfect and only £7!

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