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James Bond Style through the Ages

James Bond is probably better known for his fashion sense than his actual secret agent accomplishments. Throughout the years no matter who has played the legendary 007 they have remained looking sleek and supreme. We know we will not be disappointed with James Bond’s style no matter which film we may be watching, or who might be playing James himself. A good old fashioned tailored suit seems to be a Bond staple. Suits as well as shoes make Bond exactly what he is, a style icon. You can find a host of stylish men’s shoes at Frank Wright. Take a look at how, if at all the 007 style has changed with the ages.

Barry Nelson

The original James Bond, Barry Nelson played the character of 007 in a 1954 TV movie based upon Ian Fleming's book, "Casino Royale.” There we see the start of the suit style we have grown to know and respect about the beloved British character.

Sean Connery

Next came Sean Connery who played the first Bond in a feature film in 1962. He would go on playing the secret agent for 7 more films. From bright, colourful polo shirts to the stark, white tuxedo jacket and black slacks, Connery’s wardrobe proved to be the most copied and enviable style. As the originator of the role, the looks established by Connery are what costume designers continue to define as the Bond look.

Roger Moore

After Connery agreed to return for only one more film the hunt resumed for an actor to take on the now wildly popular role of James Bond. This time around, producers opted for Roger Moore. Moore would go on to play the role in seven films throughout most of the 1970s and into the mid-1980s. Moore’s, Bond style was flashy, eye catching and detailed, the emphasis on colourful ties and large flares make this era unforgettable.

Pierce Brosnan

It would take six years for James Bond to return to the big screen. Pierce Brosnan, who famously was offered the role 15 years earlier but was forced to back out due to his television series, "Remington Steele," took on the role of 007. He would go on to play the spy in four films, with each of his films proving to be box office successes. Brosnan brought with him suits, suits and even more suits. Comfortable and classy, sophisticated and chic, Brosnan offered a relaxed, modern take on the classic style of 007.

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