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5 Tips On How To Choose Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic hoses serve different purposes and a variety of industries such as construction, manufacturing and agriculture use them. They join a variety of hydraulic system components stretching extensive distances as well as winding into tight spaces. Choosing the right hydraulic hose requires that you pay close attention to a variety of factors. These factors include pressure capability, fluid temperatures, availability, size as well as compatibility with other hose end. If you want to buy a hydraulic hose that meets your need then you must carefully examine the above factors.

Working Pressure

Your hose must meet the pressure capabilities of your hydraulic machine if it is to be effective. Before you purchase your new hose make sure that it meets or exceeds the maximum working pressure of your hydraulic machine. Another important factor to put into consideration is the pressure spikes.


When purchasing your new hydraulic hose make sure that you measure its inner diameter using a caliper. This is very important because it helps avoid unwanted friction. When fluid passes in the hose it rubs against the inner wall of the hose creating friction. The created friction in turns generates heat, increase back pressure thus reducing the rate of flow. Make sure that you replace the existing hose with similar measurements; the length of your hose should also be similar to the one that needs a replacement.

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