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Attempted Christmas Shopping and Cheap Hearts

Attempted Christmas Shopping and Cheap Hearts

Yeterday attempted to make a significant start to 2013's Christmas Shopping and came acoss these cool items. Firstly a very cheap wicker heart shape from dunelm. Not really sure where I would put it but for 1.99 how can you go wrong ?

So then this also led to a walk through the related stores such as Staples (UK) and B and Q (a uk DIY place)..

Office Chairs (slight digression but I need something for my derriere) The following office chairs all fitted my needs which were leather or faux leather and decent price. Spending 8 hours a day on it I needed also a firm support - I recommend sitting on the chair you end up buying. A lot (not pictured here) seemed to rock or roll on the central pivot and I wondered if this was due to the demo models or indeed if they were broken which in the latter case would also signify a weakness. The follwoing seemed very comfortable, and I also wanted more than just and up down control. Some tilt was desirable.

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