Guide to purchasing a laptop

Guide to purchasing a laptop

Choosing to buy a laptop in this day and age isn’t as difficult as you might think. Take me for example, I claim to know a lot about computer technology, and go on about how tech savvy I am, but I’m lying, I don’t know anything really about software or hard ware. However I do know how to go about making a decision when it comes to making a purchase for a laptop. I have compiled a little guide for the readers to assist you all when you decide your old Dell is starting to give up, much like mine!

Recently I was given the option to purchase a new laptop; all I had to do was look through the online catalogue of makes and models. At first this seems like a daunting task, as I don’t want to spend too much on a laptop that won’t last that long. Afterall most laptops don’t last as long as desktops and are much more difficult to repair or upgrade, unless you spend big bucks on a brand specific model. The first thing I did was filter the price to range from £250 to £500. To my dismay all other filters were not helpful to my search, as I couldnt search for specific graphics cards, only the size of the memory, the size of the screen and the makes.

Each laptop that I was presented with wasn’t what I was looking for, each had an amazing description as all products for sale should have, however I’m not stupid when it comes to laptop specifics. I know that if you want a cheap laptop for gaming, you need a dedicated graphics card. If you want a multimedia centre you need a lot of Ram and memory. I was after a good all rounder, so I was able to continue my work for Style Review, surf the internet with ease, and of course play a few games as well.

My search was on, and was proving difficult and most laptops in the price region that I had set, contained only integrated graphics cards, but had all the features I wanted bar the ability to play a couple of games. I finally stumbled across a very cheap Asus model that had everything I wanted and more, however upon trying to order it, I was informed that it was sold out. Of course there were none left, it was amazing! So back to the drawing board and the hunt re commenced. This time however I took to reading the product descriptions not just the laptop specifics.

This time I fared much better, I discovered a slightly more expensive model, just under £500, which had dedicated graphics, a lot of ram, quite fast, plenty of USB ports and a decent disk drive. The reviews weren’t as positive as the previous design, however I wasn’t about to let that put me off, which in most cases often does. The graphics card, however I didn’t recognize the name that the description had stated, so in this particular case, I did what everyone should do when you don’t know what you’re dealing with. GOOGLE IT! Google had identified the GC as a GeForce model, which I was delighted with as I know Geforce is a reputable brand, and are good for gaming.

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