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Industrial Product Design : Future Products 1

I'm not quite sure how to introduce this suite of future product blogs coming soon. I found the site online somehow ? And each of the images linked to a site that was some kind of auction selling nothing like what these images suggested. So it is gutter traffic and a poor example of where the internet can be.

BUT - the industrial design that can be seen in the images is worth blogging. Apologies if these images belong to you please contact us and we will either remove them or correctly source them to you - your choice if you can prove ownership. I think they deserve to be blogged and logged !Click on the black tags 'Industrial Product Design' to find all the related posts which will be up and coming.So lets introduce them in their photographic and ingenious glory. There really is good design here and this in itself is inspirational for product designers like myself.

Futuristic Mask

Potential uses could include keeping colds to yourself or nuclear fallout away (perish the thought) or just a fashion statement that you find in the computer games of today - scary stuff. I'm sure there is a camera on there and a suite of heat seeking missiles that you can lock onto an iphone 25 m away.

Finger Laser Pointer

Is it a light - is it a pointer, it could also act like some kind of support for those sprains you got while growing up. Its amazing what can be achieved by cameras with consoles these days re Kinect by xbox microsoft. But I like to think as this as my own personal projector screen from my finger.

Knuckle Camera

Staying with hands we have this faked up image of a knuckle camera - very possible but the motion caused by your hands by all but riding a bike make this a limited and flawed concept. Still small micro cameras are expected to feature much more in items we buy in the year to come.

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