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Choosing a budget computer

Choosing a budget computer


When it comes to computers I think I may have searched everywhere online for the best deals. However I believe that I have narrowed down a few sources where you can make the best budget purchase that you can. If you feel that you can beat my comparisons then please feel free to comment afterwards.


Now my first desktop tower I’m going to look at is from Tech Inventory, the Lenovo Think Centre Edge 72 Desktop. This appears to be a nice cheap all rounder, a fairly basic exterior with the as per standard disk drive. The Lenovo retails for just under £300, however it doesn’t come with a monitor, but does have built in speakers. The desktop comes with a dual core Pentium processor, 64 – bit resolution, 500GB HDD and Intel HD graphics card. Accessories include a keyboard, optical mouse and comes with Microsoft Windows 8 Pro installed.  


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