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Six great first dates for the more mature among us

Six ideas for a  first date..

There are certain qualities that turn a date from merely okay (or disastrous) to fantastic. One of these is, of course, the person you're meeting, but the atmosphere and choice of activity can make a huge difference too. Though much dating advice is geared towards those in their twenties or thirties, those of us who are more mature appreciate a different kind of date to the younger crowd. Here are some ideas for potentially fantastic first dates.


Less intimate than a dinner and much earlier in the day, a brunch allows you to chat and get to know one another in the daytime. You can claim another appointment if you need to get away, or suggest another coffee if it's going swimmingly.

The cinema

A traditional first date for any age group. Advantages include something to talk about over a drink afterwards, disadvantages include not being able to talk during the film and possibly being stuck watching a dreadful film with someone you don't know. If it's truly dreadful though that does make a good talking point.



Most people would run in horror at the idea, but if you have a shared interest that lends itself to browsing it can be a great way to get to know one another's likes and dislikes. Readers can go book shopping for hours, for instance. Food lover? Farmer's market. Christmas enthusiast? German Christmas market! To find people to go with Click here.

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