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Metropolis Collection from Knomo

I really see that they have gone to town with their device holders and have moved somewhat into the actual handbag or clutch market.What do you think ladies ? It certainly looks refined enough to our eyes, but do you prefer your clutch to be a top brand ?


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Choosing The Best Handbag for the Occasion

The handbag is a key accessory for women. Not only can it be fashionable, adding a little pop to your outfit, but it is also functional, holding all of your daily essentials. The range of styles, sizes and colors are endless—which can make picking out a great bag a daunting task. Some women have a lot of essentials, so size is a big factor when it comes to getting a great handbag. If you need to narrow it down, make sure you know what you need and when you need it to choose a great handbag for any occasion.

Long Days

Busy women tend to carry around a lot of stuff. Whether its work related or just a few extra items for convenience, long days mean more stuff. The best handbag option for busy women on the go will be a larger handbag that are versatile and roomy. Tote bags are an excellent choice for women who need the room and want a sturdy bag. Totes and large bags tend to have a more casual look, but you can still have fun with bright colors and wild patterns. Totes made from leather and higher end materials can match well with any stylish business suit. 

Wild Nights

For a night on the town, a woman typically does not want to drag around all the stuff she's accumulated throughout the day. It's a good idea to leave the bag full of stuff at home and opt for a more sophisticated, smaller option. When going to a club, bar or fancy function, clutch purses are a great way to carry around your essentials all wrapped up in an elegant package. You can also choose a smaller bag with a long shoulder strap so you can put it on and go without having to keep track of it all night long. Purses for evenings and weekends also tend to be more fashion forward with wild styles and funky colors. Have fun and play around with different styles to express your personality. 

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