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What A Light Brown Wallet Says About You?

Things, over a period of time, have changed considerably. While people were expected to be conservative in the past, they have now transformed into being more experimental. They are willing to try new things and ideas without any compunction. That has been the case with wallets too. Black was one of the most popular colours till the recent past. People used to flaunt their black leather wallets and take immense pride in the same. However, their penchant for experimentation has got them to try newer colours, patterns and material. We bumped into this reality only recently when we saw a young individual proudly flaunting his light brown bad mother fucker wallet. Who wouldn't know about the 'Bad Mother Fucker' brand, and if that brand has shown willingness to experiment with colours, there has to be some reality in the stories of a changing trend. Before we move ahead, let us tell you that the light brown BMF wallet, we spotted, was actually looking good. In fact, it was catching all the attraction because of the uniqueness of its colour.

Now that you are willing to experiment with different colours, we thought of telling you of how a colour could speak about your personality. Each colour, over and above having its appeal, has a meaning associated with it too. That meaning gets associated with your personality when you make it a part of your overall outfit. Since this concept struck our mind with a light brown BMF wallet, we will attempt to give you an introduction to the personality traits of the colour brown. As you would expect, these traits would be used by other people to judge you.

Following is a brief account of the personality traits that brown represents:

Honesty: If you are one of those people who believe in being transparent and honest in all your transactions, brown can just be the right colour.

Down to Earth: Being the earth's colour, it does tell the world about your feet being firmly rooted on the ground. However, if you are young and want to have an air of arrogance surround you, this colour wouldn't be suitable.

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