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3 Reasons on Why It’s Important to Have Building & Pest Inspection When Choosing a Home

Are you planning to buy a home in Brisbane? Have you considered the fact that it could be suffering from structural defects due to attacks by rodents or pests such as termites, wood borers or wood fungi? If you think that these pests are not a problem in Brisbane, you're completely mistaken.According to Commonwealth Scientific and industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), properties in Queensland's urban areas like Brisbane have the highest risk of pest infestations. In fact, up to 20 percent of Brisbane homes have had some form of pest damage. So it's not surprising that the home you want to buy is in this group. A reputed building and pest inspection Brisbane contractor can help you to find out if this is indeed the case.The following is an overview of the top three reasons why it's important to undertake pre-purchase building and pest inspection before buying a home in Brisbane.

1. Establishing Pest Activity - Past or Present

As the name suggests, the main purpose of a building and pest inspection is to gauge the structural integrity of a building as well as identify any existing pest issues. Pests such as termites and wood borers are a serious problem, and they can cause substantial damage to the woodwork or structure of a home. Buying a pest-damaged home means that you'll have to deal an expensive list of repairs. Rodents like mice and rats are known to carry diseases and may also spoil food, cause damage to electrical wires and generate a host of other problems. For this reason, you should initiate a pre-purchase building and pest inspection on priority basis when buying a home. When you call in a building inspection company, their pest inspector will spend much of his time carefully examining your home's entire structure, including the basement, inside the attic, and anywhere else that pests tend to hide. If your would-be home is large, the company may send several inspectors to carry out the inspection.

During the inspection, the licensed and insured pest inspectors will look for:- Present pest activity, including evidence of termite damage, timber borers and damage, wood rot or decay, beetles, spiders, bees, ants and potential safety risks due to pest damage on wooden structures like balconies, handrails as well as steps.- Presence of rodents like rats and mice.- Past pest issues as indicated by evidence of previous pest treatments or paperwork.- Any conditions that might lead to future pest attacks.To conclude the building and pest inspection job, inspectors will prepare a report detailing all of the areas he/she has inspected, and whether or not pests were found.

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