Kick Start The Healthy Water

Kick Start The Healthy Water


Imagine a typical day, when you shower yourself to get rid of the day's tiredness. You wait in the bath tub and watch the contaminants and the deposited dirt on skin and hair soaked away. You finish this freshening process, dry yourself, move out of the bath tub and this is what you feel:

More tirednessMore stickiness on the skinIrritation in the eyesThe hair that look permanently mismanaged

What could have gone wrong?? It's your water!!

Surprising but true. Most of the water purifying plants use chlorine as the main part of the purification process. While the chemical plays its role in dealing with the contaminants, it also leaves the room for the side effects that are very typical to the usage of chlorinated water. If present in considerable amounts, the chlorine vaporizes with the steam, and enters the lungs and pores of the skin. The irritation in the various parts including eyes, nose, throat, lungs and mucous membranes is very common. Not just this, chlorine in any form is hazardous to the skin and hair as well. The dryness and itching find the permanent way to offer a prematurely aged appearance.

Fortunately, there are ways to tackle this. The simplest and the most cost-efficient is by using the water filters. This leaves us with the two main areas in the house which require attention in terms of chlorinated water usage:

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10 Must Have Hairstyles for Summer

Believe it not, soon you just be able to see the sun peaking through the heavy clouds and catch a glimpse of Summer.  So this is the ideal time to start thinking about re-vamping your hair.  But don't stress, we've already some done of the ground-work for you and put together this Summer's top ten 'must-have' hair inspiration for you. Enjoy.

Adele has come along way in the style and hair stakes, seriously raising her game.  Her hair is naturally ginger, but has subtly gone lighter and lighter. The beautiful honey halo she is now sporting is one of the most requested at salons.


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