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Yacht Week

Yacht Week

What exactly is yacht week ?

We are going to enlighten you on this term and what it means. If you do a google search for yacht week you seem to find what became of a viral sensation for a while (as they tend to be). It appears a sailing company was selling week sailing cruises to young 20 somethings offering them the time of their lives and it looks like they had it ! So it was the thing to search for doing if you are quite wealthy and reasonable affluent. Croatia was the initial destination however the expansion of the idea was a simple as cutting cookies. 

At the end of the days give the 18-30's what they want and they will come.

The original Yacht Week Video

This is a good sized production - you can tell this is a big sector. Travel is very targeted these days. This is club 18-30 on water.

The Blonde Abroad

The blonde abroad had her own ! 

Ultimate Ears Yacht Week

So there is no longer a single yacht week, this one is Ultimate Ears Yacht week video.

Location (Map)

Bose by "Get closer" Grey London
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