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Tips to Know Before Buying Your First Genuine Leather Purse

The best leather accessories are distinguished by their touch, by their smell, and many of them can even be noticed by how well they have been pampered in their manufacture. Since some are made in series and, therefore, they did not receive the treatment that these complements need, as it is the case with leather wallets and purses, that only those that are handcrafted can be worn throughout life without wearing out, offering the same use as when they were purchased.

In this guide, we want to advise you so that you know the best tips to buy your leather accessories, as well as tell you about the models that exist and many other details.

As we have indicated in the previous paragraph, quality leather feels when you have it close or in your hand. Their touch is much more natural, softer, especially those that have been treated in detail, there are other products on the market that promise to be leather, but they are mere imitations.

Using synthetic materials that want to look like leather so it gets really easy to confuse them with the genuine product. The best leather accessories as we have said have a much longer life than fake ones.

Purses, Wallets, Bags, Belts

Nearly all of us know how recognizable Italian leather purses do not need verification from a specialist to verify their authenticity. There are various known methods that can help you identify the real leather once you get in a store. In addition to touch, another way of knowing if your leather product is a genuine one is by means of the smell.

As any specialist will suggest to you, the fragrance that comes from 100% cowhide products has no point of comparison, so you have to look very carefully at these details before you buy a wallet, purse or any other accessory at the best price and the quality that you want.

If you have the opportunity to have the high-quality leather product that you are going to buy, we recommend that you certify that everything you say is true, because, even in some stores or stalls in many cities, they say that accessories are made of premium leather, but they just try to trick you into buying overpriced product.

Currently, there are many accessories made of leather that you can buy. Among the most famous or most recommended to have are the wallets, purses or credit card holders because these will be in the constant movement they need to have a lot of resistance to friction. Since, when it stays behind, in the pocket of your pants, it will start to wear down.

This is something that will not happen if the one you bought is made out of the real leather, and not with synthetic materials. In some cases, manufacturers include other types of materials in their product, such as polyester. In this case you can lose a bit of the essence of a pure leather, but it is also very advisable if you want to protect the skin from wear or spots, because, for example, if you have a bag it is likely that you can break a pen and spill the ink, or simply spill any liquid and spoil the skin in this way.

There are also many users of these accessories that decide to take risks since they think that they eliminate that natural and classic touch that they like so much. 

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Reasons to Buy Luxury Handbags

In addition to fulfilling the function of carrying or transporting our objects, the role of a purse goes much further. Providing elegance, modernity and differentiation are the main qualities that this leather product must-have.

Carrying a luxury bag means that you respect yourself, take care of yourself and worry about your image. However, we know that it is a big investment and, if you can not afford to buy a high-end handbag, it is preferable that you choose a brand that combines the price and the quality to which it brings a proper imitation.

Going to work, going for a walk, a party, a meal or a wedding are just some of the occasions that frequently arise and that require us to wear different handbags. Therefore, it is better to have bags of brands of different shapes, sizes, and colors, and to be able to give it a greater use for different occasions.

The Most Famous Brands of HandbagsEnter heading here...


If we talk about brands with great prestige, this may be one of the most prestigious luxury handbag brands, with some as exclusive as their fashion collections.

Louis Vuitton

The famous two-tone brown bag with its initials L and V are unmistakable. Whether in large, medium or small size and in any of its forms, Louis Vuitton handbags are a must-have that does not go out of style.

Carolina Herrera

With the initials CH in many of her designs, this brand of luxury bags makes us travel through the history of this great designer. In different materials and colors, their exclusive bags are ideal to complete your look for your day to day activities.


For any occasion, this Parisian brand always offers an option. And if it's a party, your patent leather and chain bags will give you that distinctive stamp that you're looking for.

Christian Dior

If in the world of fashion it is an indispensable brand. Christian Dior's collections transmit elegance and femininity with classic and exclusive designs.


With classic designs that never go out of style, perfectly cared details and modern colors and patterns, this brand of Italian luxury handbags is a must-have in the closet of any fashionista and a very good investment for anyone who can afford it.

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