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The 13 purposes of fashion for 2014


The end of the year approaching and with it the purposes and promises for the new one arrives. Many goals remain pending and others that will be achieved with much effort. Today we want to give the fashion purposes in 2014. This will be your best year.

1. Love your body as it is: It is important that you accept your body the way you are without reproach or rejection. Learn to see and analyze what your strengths.

2. Will not buy small clothes: Sometimes you buy women wearing smaller sizes thinking that weight go down. Do not make this mistake, buy clothing that suits you. Know your body and buy those clothes that highlight your strengths and hide your flaws.

3. Will stop obsessing over girls magazines: Keep in mind that these women are professional models and your priorities are different. Do not obsess over imitate his style or his body, creating better energy reverses itself.

4. Avoid criticizing others mock or make destructive comments to the other girls can end up with your own spirituality and tranquility. Remember that you should never do what you do not want. Respect other style.

5. 'll Reinforce your strengths: It is important that you identify what those parts of your body that make you unique are. For example, if you have enviable legs, will buy more skirts to show them off to maximum instead of concentrating on hiding those parts did not take advantage with huge clothes.

6. You will do exercise: For your health and figure you will perform a daily time without excuses. Achieve a healthy body with which you can look all you really want to buy.

7. Take care of you: The idea is that you will invest in beauty . Take care of your hair and skin with excellent quality products. Do not put off what you can do today.

8. 'll Invest more money on accessories: Sometimes the simplest outfit can be made ​​glorious with good accessories. Be sure to keep at home a lot of arts, necklaces and bags which undoubtedly will give your look a touch different every day.

10. You dare with color: you can not always be gray and black, remember that accounts with a wide color range. Consider the season in which you are and also adds prints, stripes and flowers.

11. Learn to mix and recycling: What you have in your closet is valuable. In 2014 it is not completely renew the wardrobe every season, but to rescue clothes you had forgotten and try new combinations that are bold. In fashion all returns.

12. You will learn to wear heels: A woman has to know how to handle the universal rule heels. If you do not know how to practice at home. Try to have as many as you can without sacrificing your comfort.

13. Lose the fear of online shopping: If you have not yet released at this point, do it. Buy comfortable, no queues at any time of day and with different methods of payment.

If it comes to being fashionable, feel free to keep on hand the latest clothes and accessories to always look chic.

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