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Outdoor at Home Cinema Setup

Outside Drive In Movie Cinema Outside Drive In Movie Cinema

This year going to the cinema, or going anywhere really, may prove to be difficult. However, that is not the reason not to watch your favourite movies or simply have fun.

Moreover, watching movies outdoors in your backyard may even be better than going to the actual cinema! Creating your own cinema setup is nothing complicated or impossible – you'll need a couple of things, a bit of patience and voila, your personal outdoor cinema.

Let's take a quick look at all the things you'll need to know in order to create a perfect backyard cinema setup.

The equipment needed:


Starting from the obvious, if you want to create a perfect home cinema, you'll need to invest in a projector. Projectors can be very expensive, especially if you opt for the 3D ones.

The thing about projectors is that they are a good investment if you decide to invest in them. This is especially true if you and your family or friends love watching movies.

Choosing a good projector can be tricky, that's why your best option is to do some research before settling for one.

Big screen

When it comes to screens you have options. You can either choose something pretty inexpensive like a big white bed sheet or you can go for something more expensive such as already made projector screens.

In case you go for a less expensive version of a screen, also known as a bedsheet, you'll need to hang it from somewhere. People usually choose the wall of the house to hang it on, a rain gutter or clothesline, or anything that you see fit really.

If you opt for the ready-made projector screen, you'll be glad to know that they come with either their own stands or you can purchase projector screen wall hangers that are easily mounted on the wall.

Outdoor TV

If investing in a projector is not something you want to do, don't worry, you have options. One such option is an outdoor TV, which also has its own advantages. They are anti-glare and weather-resistant so you won't have to worry about that.

What you'll need is a TV mount and maybe a TV enclosure. Ultralift is a leading manufacturer of custom-made TV enclosures and static TV wall mounts that can be perfect for your outdoor TV.

If you decide on outdoor TV, you can rest assured that your TV will be securely mounted on the wall and that it will be 100% waterproof.

Audio source

And the final piece of equipment you'll need will be an audio source. A cinema without the sound is not really all that exciting. This is why a good outdoor audio system or portable Bluetooth speakers loud enough to compete with all the outdoor noises would do just fine.

Once again before you settle for an outdoor audio system, do a bit of research. You have options, so make sure you know them before settling.

The rest of the setup for outdoor cinema


After all the equipment has been collected the next thing to do is choose the right location for the cinema setup. The location will largely depend on the kind of screen you're going for.

If you have a free-standing screen then any location that you find fit will do. Similarly, if you settle on outdoor TV, you'll need a wall to mount it. On the other hand, if you choose the bedsheet screen, you'll need to find an appropriate place to hang it from.

Additionally, keep in mind weather changes and choose a secluded location that can keep you sheltered from rain and wind.

Comfort level

Everyone loves to be comfortable when watching a movie, that's exactly why you need to consider the seating area as well. Make a comfortable little oasis from where you can watch all your favourite movies.

Layer blankets, pillows, or even consider putting rugs or mats on the ground. Comfortable chairs or even those lazy bags could work just fine.

Also, consider the ambient lighting. Light candles, lanterns or fairy lights for added effect.

Snacks and drinks

What's a cinema night without some essential snacks and drinks? Put popcorns and chips in bowls or whatever else you like. Open soda cans and enjoy. You can even order some pizza and put drinks in ice buckets. Or you can organize a family BBQ or a cookout and movie-watching at the same time.

Be a considerate neighbour

You wouldn't want police knocking on your door, now would you? You can perfectly avoid all unpleasantness just by being a good neighbour and informing your closest neighbours about your plans to watch a movie outdoors. Don't blast the volume on high without informing them first.

Also, keep in mind that this is for personal purposes only and that you can advertise to the public.

And that is how you can create a perfect outdoor cinema. Setting up an outdoor cinema is not complicated, it just takes a bit of dedication. You can create a perfect movie-watching hangout with your friends and family and enjoy this summer in a slightly different way.

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