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My Antigua Scratchpad | Antigua Guide

My Antigua Scratchpad | Antigua Guide

So a work in progress...this is my interesting and stylish look at the isla of Antigua in the Caribbean.

Things to do in Antigua

Do an island tour with Best Antigua

Do the legendary sunset party 

The Beach 

The slogan for Antigua reads "The beach is just the beginning" It's well touted that there are more beaches in Antigua than days of the year. I found no list online! But there are plenty and more importantly the quality of them and the water is top. Get an idea of the best beaches in Antigua.

Luxury Villas 

Antigua has some of the finest villas in the Caribbean for buy or rent! So if you are not the richest celebrity you can still get your group into a beachside villa, and we mean right on the beach. Here are some of the best antigua villas for rent. 


Giorgio Armani’s Cliffside Retreat in Antigua | Architectural Digest

The fashion designer’s villas on the Caribbean island of Antigua celebrate indoor-outdoor living


Antigua is well known for it's destination weddings. The backdrops of it's stunning beaches and locations flora and fauna mean that the memories it creates are unsurpassed. 


Antigua Weddings and Antigua Honeymoons

Antigua Weddings. Getting married is a dream come true for many people and tying the knot in Antigua is so very special.

6 Luxury Antigua Resorts & 10 Tips For A Perfect Antigua Vacation

6 resorts and 10 travel tips for visiting Antigua! Yes this could be the start of your discovering the island paradise.

Location (Map)

Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
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