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Just Engaged? Here’s What To Do Next!

Just-Engaged--Heres-what-to-do-next Just-Engaged-Here's-what-to-do-next

So he asked and you said YES!! Well, love is a wonderful feeling and that moment when your love expresses his wish to spend lifetime with you, can't be expressed in words. And it might become an overwhelming feeling, but do not get worry ladies. In this article, we will walk you through step by step guide of all of it, so let's get started.

Well, first step is to inform your loved one: 

And hey, don't make the mistake of texting or posting on Instagram or Facebook. They are your loved ones, and they deserved to know on call, if not in person. So once your feelings are settled, you are over from the shock and actually realised what has just happened, pick your mobile phone and start calling all your loved ones. Let them know about your happiness and make them a part of your happiness. Especially if you have some friends in mind as bridesmaids, you have to share the incident yourself. If they will come to know about it otherwise, they might feel bad.

Set a venue as well as wedding date: 

So you have called all your known ones and they all showered with questions like how did he propose, show us your ring, the next question that will follow up is when is the big day. So make sure to stay prepared with a fixed time frame based on your and your partner's convenience like "next winters" or "early winters in 2018" or something like that. Until you haven't finalized your wedding date, you won't be able to make any other plans like venue booking, cards, and more.

Set a budget: 

Budget plays a vital role while planning a wedding. If you are not sticking to a fixed budget, things might go out of the hand very soon. Although not many people are comfortable talking or discussing this topic, it has to happen. Create a sheet and set the maximum budget you want to spend on the wedding, next categories it into multiple parts like venue booking, catering, gifts, shopping, etc. While booking venue, make sure to first analyze the number of guests.

Create list of the guests: 

This one is the most tiresome work that you need to do as soon as possible. Now, you might want to share your big day with the whole world, but you can't invite them all, can you? Make a list of guests by categorizing them into 3 ways:

  • Must Invite
  • Would love to invite
  • Will invite if any room/space available

This way, you will be able to create an ideal list without any clutter.

Book the venue: 

Once your wedding date is finalized, your guest list has been prepared and your budget is settled, you need to look for the perfect venue that goes with all these three requirements. And make sure to do is ASAP as during wedding seasons, most of the venues are pre-booked by many of the people. Advance booking will save you from the last minute headache so that you can work on other things.

Book the vendors: 

Well, just like venue, you need to book your vendors too soon. From photographer, to caterer to DJ to beauty parlor to decorator, this session goes through repetitive process of trying and testing. So before settling with any, make sure to analyze multiple options. Check out their portfolio. And be clear of what you want and how you want it. And negotiation is must here. Most of these vendors will tell you the high prices in beginning but once you negotiate, you will find a better price. And all this is possible only if you are not leaving these things on the last minute.

Send wedding invitation card: 

Wow, this small piece of paper will give your guests the first glimpse of your big day. And you sure want this experience to be a memorable one. So look out for designs on multiple places, Pinterest in my go-to site for these design ideas. Once you have 2-3 final designs in mind, create your own wedding card using tools like Canva. These tools come with some amazing wedding card templates. All that you have to do is to customize them with your details. And guess what, these tools are absolutely free. So sit with your partner and design your own wedding card. Once it is done, the next part is to send them. Look out for the best courier services and start sending invitations.

Lastly, take some time out for yourself: This is your big day so don't get so much involved in the planning that you forget to enjoy. These small moments will be starting of a beautiful journey you are going to lead with your love. So be happy, be calm, and don't distress yourself. Take suggestions from everyone and then settle it with what you want and you will be good. 

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