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Innovative Home Cleaning Products

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Carpet Cleaners

These were priced outside of the consumer market and there was no option to owning one. You made an investment even as a business the outlay on a carpet cleaning machine was significant. There were few who could complain about the results however and professional carpet cleaning took off. When they started to become cheaper as the cost of manufacture became less.

We are also not able to clean delicate fabrics ourselves and rely on such as a professional as London Delicate Fabric Cleaning

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Upholstery Cleaners

There are no dedicated upholstery cleaners but you can find that carpet cleaners offer attachments that clean in the same way. You need to be careful depending on what material you are cleaning. Part of the reason perhaps why this is a tricky product offering in itself. 

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners have revolutionised the cleaning of homes. They are excellent at a number of tasks that otherwise are more laborious such as cleaning windows. You should be careful to not clean a laminate floor with a steam washer. The technique for laminate is using proper laminate floor cleaning product with a mop WITH VERY LITTLE WATER.

Vacuum Cleaners

Not at all new but the innovation since DYSON came along and showed that he had done his market research created a few new companies who like GTech got on the band wagon with good product design.

Jet Washers

Jet powered washers are very effective at washing your car, at least getting the job started. They also clean garden tools and the sides of fences where moss can grow. This is tough work otherwise and may have to include pesticides. 

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