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How to Take Off False Eyelashes

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​Eyelashes are a part of our face and long eyelashes make one look surreal and beautiful. But not everyone is born with Bambi's eyelashes and need false eyelashes or falsies to enrich their eyes. Falsies help in enchaining the thin eyelashes and can be easily attached to the upper eyelid with the help of glue.This glue contains a substance called as cyanoacrylate which helps the thin false eyelashes to stick to the upper rim of your eyelash and does not come off easily. It is a good choice as you do not want the eyelashes to fall off when you are in a party or at an event but it also becomes quite a messy process to remove them after the event.

Falsies should be removed with utmost care because if you are not delicate in the process, your real eyelashes may be stripped or your eyelash will be lashed. There are numerous ways to complete this delicate process. Glue remover, natural oils, makeup remover and many more options are available which we will be discussing below:

Method 1 Glue Remover

  • ​a) Buy an Eyelash Glue Remover: When you go to buy false eyelashes, they come with an eyelash glue but do not have an eyelash remover. You will have to buy a good quality eyelash glue for delicate and careful removing of the falsies. It is advisable to buy the eyelash glue remover of the same brand as that of the glue. You can also choose any other brand but you must look carefully at the ingredient and ensure that you are not allergic to any of them. You can also try a little eyelash glue remover on a patch of your skin to check for allergies.

  • b) Remove eye-makeup first: You should remove you eye-makeup first before applying the eyelash glue remover. Gently remove the eyeshadow and eye makeup with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover or baby oil. Once the makeup is removed, gently apply the eyelash remover on the rim of your eyelid and pull the false eyelashes off.

  • c) Don't remove mascara: If you are wearing mascara, don't try to remove it as you may rub off your eye and end up getting hurt. Instead, apply the glue remover and gently tug on the false eyelashes. Don't pinch your eyelashes in any case as you may harm your natural lashes and it will make your eyes very uncomfortable. If you feel any pain while pulling, immediately let go of your lashes and try again after a few seconds.
    Your eyelashes can be ripped if you try to take off mascara before removal of falsies.

  • d) Remove with a cotton Swab or earbud: Dip a cotton swab or an earbud into the eyelash remover glue so that the cotton is completely moistened. Dab the cotton swab gently over the eyelid by carefully looking at your reflection in the mirror.Brush the base of the falsies with the cotton repeatedly5-6 times until all the glue is removed. A faint smell of acetone can be felt but it is normal as all removers have it. Be careful not to drop the remover in your eyes as it will cause burning and irritation.

  • e) Removing the eyelashes: If you do not want your false eyelashes again, you can simply pull them off with your fingers but if you plan to reuse them in the future, remove them with the help of tweezers. Hold your eyelid with one hand and stretch it to the maximum, then with your other hand grab the false eyelash on its inner corner and gently tug them away from your eyelid. If you are faced with resistance and tension, then stop and apply some more remover before trying again after 30 seconds.

  • f)  Examine your eyes carefully​: After pulling off the false eyelashes, carefully examine your eyelids. There is a possibility that some glue is remaining on your natural eyelashes. Gently remove it with the cotton swab dipped in lash glue remover and then wash your face with warm water and face wash.

Method 2  Use Oil to Remove Falsies

  • ​a) Choosing the right type of oil: Oil is a very easy and effective method of removing the false eyelashes but the major drawback is they make your false eyelashes unable for future. So if you want to throw away your false eyelashes once you use them, oil is the very best alternative. You can choose coconut oil, almond oil or baby oil. Not all types of oils can be used on the soft skin of your face and eyes, so you should use these oils only.

  • b)  Rubbing oil onto your face: Oil has the quality to break down make-up easily and removes any type of impurities from your face. You should wash your face with warm water and then gently rub the oil along your lash line. It will soften the glue and then you can pull up the false eyelashes. You don't have to worry about removing your makeup prior to removing your eyelashes or fear about running your lashes as you will be throwing them. After pulling out the false lashes, wash your face with warm water.

  • c) Remove excess glue: After pulling off the false eyelashes, look for any extra glue on your natural eyelashes or your lash line. If any glue is present, apply a few drops of almond oil- and work off the excess glue.

Tip: Use almond oil because it is most effective in removing the false eyelashes without any hassle. It also helps in keeping away any dark circles and keep your eyelids glowing with its rich source of vitamin A.

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Method 3 Make-up Remover

  • ​a) Choosing a non-oil based makeup remover: If you don't want to invest in an eyelash remover, you can use a makeup remover to do the job for you. You just have to make sure that it does not have an oil-based medium because once oil touches your false eyelashes, they are completely ruined. So if you want to give up on the eyelashes, then you should definitely go for oil method but if you want to reuse the eyelashes again, you can simply use a makeup remover for it. You should remember to choose a makeup remover which is oil free, not expired and that it does not have to contain any of the substances you are allergic to.

  • b)  Remove your eye makeup first: before going to remove your false eyelashes, you should remove your eye makeup. You can use the same makeup remover for removing the eye makeup as well as the false eyelashes. Saturate the remover into a cotton pad/swab and remove the eye makeup but remember not to remove any mascara at this stage as it can harm your eyelashes.

  • c)  Removing the lash glue: Glue is most prevalent along the lash line where the false eyelashes are stuck with your natural ones. Once the falsies are gone, t=you should rub the saturated cotton swab over the lash line and your natural eyelashes to get rid of the last glue. You should understand that rubbing will not take the glue away, as you gently rub over their eyes, the glue will start greeting off in small fractions.

Tip: You should use tweezers to remove the false eyelashes if you want to reuse them in the future. Using hands will not ensure that your lashes will stay safe. Also pulling with your fingers can harm your eyelid and eyelashes.It is always better to use tweezers.

Tip: One of the easiest methods is to dab a cotton swab in makeup remover and gently hold it over the eyelid for 20-30second. As you will remove the cotton swab from your eye, the false eyelash will come off by itself. Once you eyelash is sere, apply a few drops of oil over your eyelids and get rid of all the makeup.

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Method 4 Removing Individual eyelashes

You can either use the complete eyelash or individual eyelash. The glue which is used for an individual eyelash is much stronger because they are meant to stay on longer and also have less surface area to get stuck to your real eyelash. Individual eyelashes should never be pulled as you can risk pulling your real eyelashes with them. You can use steam to remove these individual eyelashes perfectly.


  • a) Boil the Kettle: Boil water in a kettle and make sure it is steaming. While the water is boiling remove your eye makeup completely.

  • b) Steam Your Face: Once the water is boiled and is steaming hot, transfer the water to a bowl and hold your face over the bowl. To trap the steam efficiently, wrap a towel around your head. The steam will work its wonders and the glue will come off. You need to take steam for at least 10-12 minutes. If you feel dizzy or discomfort in any way stop the steaming.

  • c) Wipe your eyelashes: after you have steamed your face, the glue will become very soft. Take a cotton pad and dip it into baby oil or almond oil and wipe over your lash line. The false individual eyelashes will come off completely.

Tip: Do not try to pluck you individual eyelash as you will end up bruising your eyelids.​

Tips and Tricks to Follow:

  1. Take care of your Natural Eyelashes: You may look beautiful with your fake eyelashes but your natural ones are equally important. You can buy an eyelash growth serum and massage it gently into your eyelashes to make them naturally long and healthy.
  2. Never sleep in fake Eyelashes:  You should never sleep wearing your false eyelashes as it can harm your eyes as well as the eyelid. The glue with which eyelashes are fixed is not meant to last for extended for long periods of time and they can come off during your sleep. Also, there is a possibility that you might rub your eyes during sleep and end up hurting your eyes.
  3. False Eyelashes are Reusable: You do not have to throw away your fake eyelashes after one use. You can reuse them a couple of times before they wear off completely. You just have to pull them away from your eyelashes with the help of tweezers so they are not ruined, keep them clean and store them in a safe and clean place. You should also ensure that they are well-kept, the sections are not missing and the lash line is not bent.
  4. Cleaning your false eyelashes:Take a small bowl and fill it with a few drops of makeup remover. The remover should not be oil based. Soak your false eyelashes in the bowl for5-10 minutes. The makeup remover will dissolve all the makeup, mascara and eyeliner which might be on your fake eyelashes. After this, transfer the lashes to a new bowl filled with warm water. Let them sit for a few minutes and rinse them carefully. You should not scrub or rub them as it will ruin the lashes and individual sections will be torn off.
  5. Storing your eyelashes:You should ensure that after cleaning your eyelashes, they should be stored when they are completely dry. Even a small amount of moisture will be harmful to the false eyelashes. If they are wet, they can easily get mould. 
    If you have the original container of the eyelashes, store them in that case only. Otherwise, you can use a small container and layer it with a tissue paper or cotton and place the false eyelashes in it. It will keep the eyelashes clean, dry and safe.
  6. Cut your Full-length eyelashes into Demi ones: You can cut your false eyelashes into halves and use them as beautiful Demi lashes. They look more natural and more beautiful. They are also easier to apply and easier to remove. Also, you can reuse your already worn eyelashes in this manner. You can easily reuse your eyelashes 7-8 times before they wear off.

 Image Credit : Pexels

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Guest - William Adams on Thursday, 04 January 2018 05:58

The article is really detailed and the video is really helpful. My wife was having trouble in taking off her false eyelashes after our tour but after watching the video she was refiled.

The article is really detailed and the video is really helpful. My wife was having trouble in taking off her false eyelashes after our tour but after watching the video she was refiled.
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