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How to Buy Best Pearls?

How to Buy Best Pearls?

​If you would like to buy quality pearls, you should be aware of the important facts associated with them. Mikimoto pearls are very lustrous. You can find these pearls farmed in Japanese and Chinese ocean water. Mikimoto is the result of the imitation of the natural process of the pearl formation. The method was developed in 1893 and the same procedure is followed at the moment to produce highly lustrous and durable pearls.

Types of pearls

There are four types of pearls in the market. They are listed below: 

  • South Sea Pearls 
  • Akoya Pearls
  • Freshwater pearls 
  • Tahitian pearls

Akoya is classic cultured pearls made in Japan. These are very lustrous and in recent past, Chinese entrepreneurs are successful in producing such kind of pearls in their waters. There are some pearls which come with Green or Rose overtone as well. You can choose them as per the size, color, style and budget. Mikimoto pearls are very lustrous and you can manage them for grand occasions. 

The size of Akoya pearls will be in between 2 mm and 8 mm. If the size is between 8 mm and 10mm, they are considered very large. The pearls in white to cream color are very much adorable. There will be great depth in these mirror-like pearls. 

To manage black and bold jewelry, you can go for Tahitian version. Pinctada margaritifera is the oyster involved in this process. Black pearls range from light gray to very dark gray. There are oil slick type versions which are most valued in this series. 

If you would like to balance elegance as well as affordability, you can go for freshwater pearls. This type of pearls is cultured in Chinese freshwater rivers and lakes. There are some versions created in Japan as well.

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