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How to Become the Healthiest You


​Enjoying radiant health and soaking up all the joy life has to offer are the biggest life goals for most of us and, thankfully, they are easily achievable. By simply changing your routine and adopting a few healthier habits into your everyday life, it's quite clear that life instantly gets better and incomparably happier. So, if you are ready to reveal your healthiest you, here are some habits you can incorporate into your everyday routine to feel incredible from head to toe:

Find a workout you love 

​It is a well-known fact that exercise is great for our body – it benefits the heart, muscles and bones, and even helps our immune system stay strong and resilient. But the benefits of exercise go even further, all the way down to the gut and up to the brain. People who live an active lifestyle generally tend to have more beneficial gut bacteria than those who remain inactive, and exercise is known to improve mood, reduce stress, and even keep your brain young and vital. 

Since exercise can inspire feelings of playfulness, exhilaration and vitality, it's extremely important to find a workout routine you sincerely enjoy, which will motivate you to keep moving. There's no need to go to the gym every morning – even walking or jogging regularly, swimming, or even dancing wildly to your favorite tunes will do your mind and your body a world of good.

Only opt for healthy meals

​In order to achieve the best possible health, it's vital to only eat healthy and nutritious meals. Ideally, that would mean consuming whole foods in their natural state as often as possible, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, and cooking healthy meals from scratch every day. Even though cooking can take up a lot of time, this process can be shortened and easily incorporated into your everyday routine by simple meal planning and strategic cooking that will allow you to turn one meal prep session into several healthy servings you could eat throughout the week. 

However, if you don't feel like cooking, or you simply don't have the time to devote to preparing meals, you can always decide to get healthy food delivered to your home by trusted services.

Drink more water

​Even though most people don't consume enough fluids throughout the day, the truth is that all the cells and organs of our body simply need water in order to function properly. Apart from distributing oxygen throughout the body, lubricating the joints and helping maintain optimal blood pressure, water also boosts our performance during exercise, helps us lose weight and has endless benefits for the health and the beauty of our skin. 

Boosting both your physical appearance and your overall wellbeing, staying hydrated by drinking at least two litres of water every day is essential for becoming a healthier version of you.

Get a good night's sleep

​Sleep is considered to be the third pillar of health, and for a good reason – it's great for everything from controlling your weight and improving your mood, to even boosting your immune system. That is why getting a good seven to nine hours of sleep every night is essential to maintain a healthy body composition. 

One of the easiest things you could do to ensure you get a good night's sleep is to set a bedtime and make a point to stick to it. If you have trouble falling asleep, put up some blackout curtains, avoid books and screens at least an hour before bedtime, or try some relaxation techniques that will calm your body and your mind and ease you into restful sleep.

Start a mindfulness practice 

​When life gets hectic, it can be very hard to stay present in the moment. Mindfulness practices, such as yoga and meditation, help us slow down, become more centered and reconnect with our inner peace. These practices can impact the structure of our brain as well, increasing grey matter in areas associated with memory, learning, compassion, introspection and self-awareness, while calming the brain regions associated with worry and fear. 

Committing to a regular mindful practice also returns some serious health benefits, including relaxation, restful sleep, and better immune function, which is why it is essential to incorporate them into your everyday routine, for the sake of both your physical and your mental health.

While some of the abovementioned habits might be easier said than done, the premise of all them is quite simple, and the positive impact they have on your health and overall wellbeing is undeniable.

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Monday, 03 August 2020

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