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Global Hot Favorite Food Chains That Never Tend to Lose Their Charm

Global Hot Favorite Food Chains That Never Tend to Lose Their Charm

Everyone seems to lead absolutely hectic and fast-paced lives. Sitting down peacefully for an elaborate meal is a thing of the past for most office-goers and careerists. So it is natural for people to turn to the forever favorite globally recognized and loved food chains such as Pizza Hut, Dominos, Subway, McDonald's, KFC, Chipotle and many such renowned chains for grabbing something delicious on the go. You tend to enjoy an absolutely finger licking food at most affordable prices and you are assured of super quick service.

Hamburgers, pasta, pizza, donuts, chicken wings, fries or coffee are the food of the current generation and they are all prepared and served in a jiffy. Today you simply cannot think of an existence without these global chains. Whenever your budget is restricted, all you can think of is grabbing your favorite hamburger from McDonald's or going to Starbucks for your daily fix of piping hot coffee. Fast food chains have mushroomed across the globe but only some of them remain forever the hot favorites.


Subway boasts of having the maximum number of stores worldwide including Germany and Singapore. It is actually an American fast food franchise which shot to fame thanks to the super delicious submarine sandwiches and mouth-watering yet healthy salads. Subway is certainly one of the world's fastest multiplying franchises with as many as 44,692 restaurants spread across 111 countries.


McDonald's is regarded as the largest fast-food chain in the world. It had its humble beginnings in California in the year 1940 and soon started doing booming business thanks to its super delicious burgers. It has now become the largest fast-food empire globally. It serves amazing hamburgers, rolls, wraps, and fries along with desserts, smoothies, and shakes. They have always adjusted their menu to give priority to the local taste buds. They have McCafe that is their outlet serving piping hot breakfast in a jiffy. In response to the recent obsession and craze for healthy food, McDonald has expanded its original menu and incorporated salads, wraps, fish, fruit juices and smoothies.


Starbucks is basically a reputed American coffee company, as well as, a coffeehouse chain. It was launched in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. Today it boasts of 23, 768 outlets all over the world. Starbucks serves coffee everywhere but some Starbucks based in Korea are known to serve excellent Bulgogi sandwiches and lemongrass iced tea. Every Starbucks outlet serves a plethora of cold and hot drinks, ranging from microground instant espressos and lattes to a wide range of loose-leaf and full-leaf teas. Frappuccino, fresh juices, snacks, pastries and other confectioneries are all available too. A lot of their stores also sell packaged items like sandwiches. You can always buy branded tumblers and mugs, and the special bottled cold coffee, ice cream and much more.


This is a quick service chain and the food is given a Filipino twist. There are over 700 locations across the nation and it serves everything from perfect hamburgers to amazing fried chicken to the local hot favorites such as palabok, rice noodles along with meat sauce, shrimp, as well as, hardboiled eggs. You could order lip-smacking fried chicken that comes coated with hot chili powder, spicy chickenjoy among many others.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell's simply astonishing statistics leave us completely dumbfounded. The statistics reveal that one billion burritos and two billion tacos are served every year. Though its international stores are known to serve a common or standard menu worldwide, its outlets based in India offer burritos stuffed with paneer and potato and also, serve potato-filled tacos for the vegetarian taste buds.

Author Bio: David Wicks is a blogger and a voracious eater, who spends his days traveling the world and finding new places to eat. He writes about every food topic under the sun. 
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