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Doing Your Acrylic Nails at Home vs the Salon

When it comes to doing your nails, you have a couple of options. You can either do them yourself at home or go to the salon to have them done. There are benefits and disadvantages to both methods. Here, those pros and cons will be examined so you can make an informed decision about getting acrylic nails.

Home Manicure Advantages

There are many advantages to doing your acrylic nails at home instead of the salon. The biggest advantage, of course, is that doing them yourself is more affordable. Depending on the salon, you may save £20 or more by doing an at-home manicure. You can also change the look of your nails anytime you want to without calling to get an appointment. You can take as long as you like to relax and pamper yourself when you're doing your own nails. Finally, doing the procedure at home rather than at a salon is more sanitary. You'll be the only one using your soaking pan, your tools and your nail polish. After all, salon equipment may not be as sterile as you think.

Home Manicure Disadvantages

Although there are many benefits, a home manicure is not without its disadvantages. If you've never given yourself a manicure, the first several times can be a long process. When you want your nails to look good right before a special event, taking the time to do it yourself can be stressful. Also, most people have a dominant hand. When using the tools in your dominant hand, your nails may look great. When using the alternate hand, you may find the process doesn't go as smoothly. You must practise doing your nails in order to achieve a professional look at home.

Salon Advantages

The benefits to having your nails done in a salon are also numerous. Obviously, you could get your acrylic nails done today if an appointment is available. Salon technicians do a professional job due to their experience and their ability to work with both hands. You'll feel more pampered if you go to a salon because other people will be taking care of you. Nail technicians are also experienced at removing acrylic nails when you tire of the look without damaging your nail bed.

Salon Disadvantages

The best salons in the area have long wait times before you can get an appointment. While you may need to get your nails done immediately, you may not be able to get an appointment for weeks later. There's also the wait time to factor in when you finally arrive at the salon. You are at the mercy of other customers because if they're late for their appointments, the technician will be late doing your nails. Many people fear that salon tools are not properly sterilized, so proper health standards are a concern as well.

Whether you do your nails at home or go to a salon, the choice is up to you. Either way, you'll get beautiful-looking nails to give you a more polished look. If you use a salon, don't forget to make appointments to have your nails filled in.

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