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Blazers vs Jackets! What's trending this season and why?

Blazers vs Jackets

There are many options for winter clothing for men but the most common of them all are blazers and jackets for men. Every man has a blazer and a jacket in his closet. Although many people fail to differentiate between both of them where some have debates over which one looks better. A blazer and a jacket are both very different from each other and have their own significant values. Here is a brief comparison of blazers vs. jackets and explanation for what's trending this winter season.

A Blazer:

A blazer is a piece of winter clothing for men which is a step lower than a suit jacket. You can consider a blazer as a hybrid of a sports jacket and a suit jacket. A blazer does not have a matching trouser with it. It is usually worn by men for a casual look. They come in different varieties. A blazer is a very good option for a casual look. It can be paired up with a pair of jeans or any pants. It has numerous amount of styling opportunities to experiment with. You can wear a blazer on different occasions where you need a cool and casual look but also stay warm enough.

A jacket:

A jacket is the most common and beloved piece of winter clothing for men. Every guy has a few jackets in his closet. There are many kinds of jackets available on the market. The variety of jackets is so huge to decide from. The most common and popular types of jackets are Leather jackets, Bomber jackets, polar fleece jackets, sports jackets, etc. They can be styled according to your requirement. You can pair your jacket with any kind of pants or jeans according to the occasion and requirement. The jackets are so much loved by every man because they look amazing and keep your body warm at the same time.

Jackets are more trending than blazers this season, why?

●The Blazers have come from the history of sports jackets so there is a subtle difference between both of them which can be misunderstood many times.

●The major reason why jackets are more preferred over the blazers is that there are many ways to use a jacket for layering in winter where a blazer cannot be layered up on anything.

●A blazer can only be paired with a few other pieces of clothing otherwise it will make you look stuffed. Whereas a jacket has so much variety for every body type to avoid stuffed look.

●Another reason for preferring a jacket over a blazer is that jackets come in many different materials and fabrics whereas a blazer is usually made up of a thick material which and does not have many variable fabrics.

It is up to you which winter clothing you like to wear more but as the trend goes jackets are more preferred over blazers this winter season. The most important thing is to be comfortable in what you choose to wear.

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Saturday, 30 May 2020

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