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5 Networking Tips for Musicians

A large part of what makes or breaks an artist's career is how much work they're willing to put into networking. Connecting with other artists and the pros behind the scenes that make music get out there is vital for finding the right notes to sing. Here are five top tips for anyone who wants to build better connections with professionals in the industry.

Confidence is Key

Your confidence can be the basis on which people judge whether or not they want to work with you. Many will see this as a risk that you could end up being too flighty to hire if you seem withdrawn or quiet. Instead of feeding into that, keep your voice steady and assertive, be fun to talk to, and try to fake confidence until you can make it. You have faith in your music; if you didn't, you wouldn't be trying to get into this industry.

Show People You Believe Them

Although it's easy to assume you know enough to handle things, you could leave your group open to failure if you ignore good advice. Instead, focus on being able to tell when advice is good or bad. Following sound advice from a good source will show the other people in the industry that you trust them and are willing to risk your career on their opinion. You should know the line where good advice and bad advice butt heads; don't let someone's evil intentions hurt you.

Use Social Media To Be Social

The most incredible part of the internet is that you can connect with literally anyone. On sites like Twitter, where everyone from politicians to musicians like Pamela Rose Rodriguez and cosplayers is all packed together, you have a great chance of making good connections. Don't be too impersonal, and don't spam people with your music or videos. Respond to tweets with thoughtful replies, keep your twitter exciting and focused on the band, and avoid tweeting anything you may regret in a year or two.

Uplift Other Small Groups or Musicians

When someone sees you uplifting other artists, they'll want to uplift you as well. This step can also be good because uplifting other bands helps you build a connection with them that may help you in the long run. When you're sharing their music, try to talk to band members and make friends. These connections may feel lesser since you're both trying to build your way up, but don't think they're useless. Any reference like this can be helpful.

Be Good To Other Professionals

Although this is an excellent rule to live by generally, you must follow it in the music industry. You never know if the person you're working with has connections or may end up higher in the industry faster than you. Be good to everyone you work with, listen to what they say, and treat them like human beings, not pieces you can use. Don't let others push you around or treat you poorly: but do what you can to treat others well. 

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