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I am currently ‘road testing’ this birthday gift which I am hoping I will never need to use but in the event of an accident might be one of those very handy to have items. I also think for the learner driver that these in car recorders can offer valuable playback lessons for the student.

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Mine came in a rather unbranded box and indeed looks a little on the cheap side. But you know what it IS good enough and for this kind of item I don’t want to be having really stylish product design here and fancy materials. Indeed I am able to hide this camera behind the interior mirror. 
One of the key points for me is that it should not be intrusive. I don’t want it to block my view of the road in any way. I would suggest you consider the dimensions of some cameras. not sure if even a screen is necessary but it does help with setting up the camera which seems pretty easy.
There are plenty of buttons, unlike a very expensive GoPro that is admittedly not for a car camera and that needs turning off and on manually. This product works really well with the motion sensor so again I just want to get in and drive. If I have to turn it on it becomes intrusive. I am that pilot who likes to fire and forget. In this sense, I want to install the camera and never need to touch it again. Hopefully never need to because of idiots on the road.
I also want to protect myself legally with evidence that I am driving well. If someone cuts in front and slams on their brakes I would find it impossible to prove my innocence. I hope car manufacturers start to introduce such in higher specs one day.
I found some negatives to report. At night I cannot read number plates of cars unless they are in front and not moving. I am able to increase the resolution and will see what that gives and it may be better in daylight. 
The files are able to be set to be continually overwritten – and you can press a button to save the last ‘period’ if you need to for any reason. In the event of a crash, it is supposed to detect and auto-save this as locked. Because if it is a minor bump and you drive off to work to later sort it out the file could otherwise be overwritten. So this device does feel like it has all the features and I will be going in depth more. But I wanted to share my first impressions and will write more as I get more used to it.
Presumably, the number plate visibility may only be needed in some edge cases. My friend had £450 of body repair due to a tipper being overloaded with rubble that fell onto the road in front. With this camera running he would have maybe been able to identify the lorry and get an insurance claim in.


Sometimes called Vehicle Blackbox DVR

From Wikipedia

A dashboard camera or simply dashcam, also known as car digital video recorder (car DVR), driving recorder, or event data recorder (EDR), is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle's front windscreen and sometimes rear or other windows