The Supereye Dash Cam is a HD 1080p camera that works well at night according to the product description, lets see!

Editors note: This is now an old discontinued product.

Take a look on Amazonn for alternative models all now with much improved features at great prices. You never know if you get into an accident it is the first thing insurance ask for- dash cam footage.

While waiting for a long term review as editor I have found the settings easy to setup, some were not obvious what they were so you can easily set them as default. Once I did find the unit had got stuck and I had to drain it of power to reset it and it has only done this once so far. We are impressed by the quality of the day time footage and will have some to upload shortly.

The unit is heavier than my original cheaper dashcam which though had poorer video you can still get valuable evidence in the event of an accident dispute. I think more people should buy some kind of car dash cam.

The motion sensors work well but the parked sensor doesn't seem to work maybe if we get knocked by a vehicle it will. Rocking the car didn't do it. Though a small movement does start the unit recording in the house which is really annoying! Of course that is not a problem in normal everyday use.

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