Our stylish hats for men and women

Celebs wearing flat caps and traditional English styling include Kellan Lutz and Brad Pitt while the girls wearing them as Stacey Ferguson are on the thinner side (so any who do get brave will stand out and look even better such as Fergie)
Us mere mortals albeit with style can get the look

An alternative to the Umbrella !

I'm not much of a brolly man, I have no place for one when I am on the go and I like just the feeling of being well dressed and starting the week end out with mates discussing how the week went and how Arsenal need to spend money next year. Will Man Utd slip up – I don’t think so. You have a couple of pints and start to feel the vibe while the rain is uncertain outside. So how do I manage without an umbrella? Get a stylish cap from Moodys or if your feeling like flashing your cash then go for cufflinks too.

I will never get why men dislike hats ? Can you tell us why.

Hats are for me the best way to quickly dress and express yourself. Brad Pitt one of the first A listers to sport our traditional ware immediately gained distinction and showed himself to be a brad apart. Looking around online for mens caps I found Moodys worldwide an online retailer or e-tailor to have a great range of caps and accessories for men ? Take a look and pick a better option than the umbrella. Also works for those Summer BBQ’s and events where you can short sleeve a cool evening due to keeping the heat in (A large amount of body heat escapes through the top of the head)

Back online we find the up and coming Kellan Lutz sporting caps and coming out top style. The Fedora is a favourite of many stars following Johhny Depp but the flat cap is the way to go this summer.