The Spring Summer collections of major high street brands are being given sneak peeks over the next few weeks: and the big news is that bright coloured jeans are making a comeback. Last summer's staple sartorial diet, bright denim becomes the latest in a long line of fashion trends to recur from season to season: joining retro themed 50s clothing, Victoriana and the Goth look.

Bright denim is worn in tight styles, and has been adopted by the creative as her uniform of choice. Accessorised with a stripy sweatshirt and some Where's Wally spectacles, or matched with a super-fluorescent handbag and a pair of colourful flats, highly coloured denim has replaced the more standard black; blue; or white choice to give every girl's wardrobe a great deal more versatility.

Take a look at jean or denim alternatives, some calle them jeggings as they are to look like jeans but are way more comfortable to wear and are more like jean leggings.

The two basic cuts from which this season's jean looks are taken haven't changed either. It's either boyfriend cut or super skinny, with a range of different painted-on fits to choose from. As a result, most lady proportions are accounted for. Pick skinny fitting jeans or jeggings to accentuate curves and elongate pins; and opt for the boyfriend fit to balance out the silhouette.

Bright Coloured Jeans

It's not just bright coloured jeans, either. Bright denim makes its way into the hotpant, alongside patterned fabric patches (all the rage for full length jeans too).

Patchwork and alternating colours are two of this season's main themes. Shirts feature panels in different shades of competing or complementary colours; jeans feature pockets in different shade; patches; or even full legs in different colours. The look is a natural progression from last summer's dresses, whose peplum styles allowed designers to bring patchwork patterns into the mix without interrupting the flow of the dress' lines.

As far as embellishments go, Aztec prints are back again; and studs, sparkles and extra zips make it through to another season. For denim, it's all about rocking the biker look, or bringing a bit of grunge to a more mainstream colourful wardrobe. Anything that dangles, shines or adds a bit of extra glam is very much on the menu in 2013.

Bright coloured jeans and denim haven't missed out on the on-going retro craze, either. Acid washed jeans, after a couple of decades out of the limelight, are back. 2013's denim fashions have gone even more Breakfast Club than 2012's, with rips and dip dyes joining the ranks of the stonewashed and the super skinny.


Women's fashions have been embracing the retro for a few seasons now.Mad Men inspirations still abound in the world of the dress and blouse. Where denim is concerned, though, it's all European cool or 50s Americana. Don't expect to see any black denim this year, by the way – it's blue; grey; or all the colours of the rainbow if you want to be properly with it.

Some coloured denim prints are also coming out this season – again similar to the prints and colours used in the autumn collections last year. Combine single coloured bright jeans with a print bag; or switch it up and have a plain bag but wear simple print jeans. If you wear print jeans be sure to keep shoes and top fairly plain. Canvas shoes work well with coloured denim in all hues; and cardigans with patch pockets are a good match as well. 

Zoe Penman is a fashion blogger. She is researching a piece about bright coloured jeans for her next publication.