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Top Global Trends That Are Shaping The Beauty Industry

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Trends have been shifting uncontrollably for years, and with the advancement of new technology and innovation, they won't stop for many years to come. As new generations are far more keen on social networks, many beauty industries have set their markets on targeting young girls through the Internet. However, social network advancement is not the only trend that is altering the beauty industry, there are many beauty concepts based on products for natural and bare-faced skin and so on. The focus is on newness, the non-stop launch of new products, and of course, globalization. Here are the worldwide trends that have rejuvenated the beauty industry.

Online booming trends

Nowadays, you can find almost anything on the Internet. This simple "from home-purchasing" trend has made it easy, even for the people living in remote places such as Bremer Bay to those living n Melbourne, to purchase high-quality products. Whether it is a branded lipstick, mascara, or natural facial crème, you can find it all in just one click of a button. Social networks and celebrities assist with spreading the word about a new product coming to the market. It has also become rather easy for the merchandisers to target their consumers as well. They only need to make a thrilling advertisement and place it on different Internet site worldwide, and there you have it. This trend is only at the start of its development since the technology is yet to evolve even more.

The journey of explorations

Many ladies today, are willing to try something completely new. Experimenting with new products didn't use to be so popular with the Australian ladies. Women were left to buy whatever the industry placed before them. Now, it is totally the opposite. The industry is actually allowing many women to be the judges in product sustainability and durability. They even let them decide whether some product should go on the shelves or not. Next to organizing online surveys, questioners, and polls, the companies gladly gather results and in that way see if a certain product will have a go on the market or not. Experimenting with a new product used to be rather expensive. Since the competition is growing stronger by the day, the industry allowed itself some basic exploration. And for now, it is quite useful.

The immaculate look

Instagram is invariably launching fresh faces, girls who look flawless and who are ready to show you how to achieve that look through the video tutorial. The clear-cut, stunning doll look is a new booming trend emerging in Australia. Doll look implies using heavy makeup or surgery to get an immaculate and clear look. Oh, yes! Cosmetic surgery is an ever-booming trend that has helped many celebrities, and other women, reach their absolute beauty perfection. Some women tend to be in doubt, but there is almost no pain, the recovery is fast, and the results will help you get that flawless doll look. You can find a quality cosmetic surgeon in Sydney that can easily help you get that perfect look without any complications. Doing any kind of surgery can transform your outlook to the world, thus making you feel content.

Skin wellness

The promotion of healthy skin has never been so effective. The trends that are promoting a healthier lifestyle got entangled with having to produce products that also promote healthier face and skin. The beauty industry has recorded a 6% sale increase in skin-care products, which is far more higher than before the recession. Beauty products like sun creams, moisturizers, facial masks, and cleansers were doubled in sale growth in Australia by an extraordinary 10%. And that number is even greater globally. Young consumers are those who are no longer impressed by slick promotional campaigns relying only on aesthetics, but they are now the ones who are looking for products that promote healthy skin care. They strive to purchase products which provide health benefits. So, the trend is compelling brands to work on making fresh products related to skin wellness.

Corporate incubation

Big beauty brands are facing more competition than ever before. With up and coming top global brands, many statement corporations have started merging with their own distributors. In order to place new products globally, and for brands to have bigger success, they incubate or accelerate new companies. For instance, large beauty brand Kendo incubated brands such as Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, then Marc Jacobs, Kat Von D, and so on. In that way, Kendo is not making its own in-house brand to fight off the competition, but rather merging and incubating some other branded products. What is more, Kendo aims to turn these brands into global beauty powerhouses. And with their mutual correspondence, that is easily achieved.

Viral merchandising, social media platforms, organic produce, and surgery are some of the top global trends that are ceaselessly shaping up the beauty trends. In the future, only higher goals will be set and the quality of these trends will be improved.
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