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Tips to remove mildew to from rattan furniture!

Tips to remove mildew to from rattan furniture!

Rattan furniture adds look and appeal to your house no matter where you place inside or outside. If your furniture is exposed to rain or any other damp condition then your furniture is more likely to get spoiled in rain or damp weather as mildew will develop, the mildew can affect both the surface and body of your rattan furniture as it would leave unpleasant odor, proper care and prevention can return the rattan furniture.

Bring your furniture outdoor if it’s not there already; vacuum the wicker furniture to remove the mildew from the body turn over and vacuum again. Mix 4 table spoon of ammonia in warm water along with detergent and make a solution. To protect your hands wear the gloves scrub the body and surface of your furniture with ammonia solution as it kills the mildew. Now wash away all the soapy solution off the furniture. Set your furniture not directly in the sunlight leave it outside until it is completely dry. Now your rattan sofa furniture or chairs are free of mildew.

Repeat these type very often as it would extend the life of furniture. Try protecting it, cover the furniture if not in use or either don’t place it outside in rainy season.

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Saturday, 18 September 2021

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