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Spa Day! Spa Treatments & Treatment Benefits

Spa Day! Spa Treatments & Treatment Benefits

You are on vacation or you are having a day off, what would be a perfect activity to do? I will tell you; go to the spa to pamper yourself and relax, because you deserve it!
Not only is going to the spa a fun activity to do, you will become one with yourself after such a relaxing day. When you think of a spa, the first things that pop up are usually the sauna and a massage. That's very true, however do you know how many different treatments there are for a massage?

Different occasions lead to different treatments and it depends on what kind of tension or pain you have, so you can find the right treatment for this(if you are having some tension, if not you can just enjoy the massage). There are different aspects in a massage and the people providing the massage are educated people, they know what they are doing.

Massage Treatments and Their Benefits

First of all, the most well-known massage is the normal back massage. This part of the body is the most common relating to a massage, it helps you to relax, release some tension and de-stress.

Hammam- This is a Turkish bath and has emerged over thousands of years, relating to the bathing methods of the ancient Greek and ancient Roman. Is usually starts with the sauna or being in a room with a constant stream of hot air, so your skin will open itself for the upcoming ritual. After the sauna, you will be washed in cold water. Then the ritual takes place, which always includes a body soaping and massage. Treatments vary in every spa and you need to find the right treatment for yourself.

Full Body Massage- This massage includes, as the title already explains, a massage for the whole body. It is designed to deeply massage all pressure points of your body, to let the energy flow through your entire body and be relieved from the tension in the muscles. You can elect to try a sports massage or a Swedish massage or for hard core of you a Thai massage which can be quite painful.

De-Stressing- These de-stressing treatments may include the entire body or a specific part of the body and will be de-stressing by using different essential oils for the ultimate relaxation. Decompress the muscles and for example aromatherapy can be used as one of the many different techniques. 

Thai Massage- This massage is totally different than the ones discussed earlier. This massage is officially given with clothes on. There is always contact between the person giving the massage and the person receiving the massage and it is also known as the Thai Yoga Massage. This is because the body is stretched and compressed by using the elbows, knees, hand and feet.

Facial/Manicure/Pedicure Treatments- A facial treatment, manicure or pedicure are smaller treatments that make you see the beauty of yourself and are of course very relaxing. Treating yourself is good for the mind.

A lot of these treatments are perfect to do as a couple, or even with your friends or family. Massage treatments are known to be expensive, but they do not have to be. If you don't add any extras and you find the right massage, you will pay the money for the right value! 

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