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My own personal wishlist for christmas !

I want to add as I go some kind of 'work in progress' for a wishlist of gift items for christmas.

('wip' famous words I should have on my tombstone just after 'I don't have time' or better still 'now he has the time')

Note to family - this is in no particular order !

What : Headphones

Why do I want it ? : I watch more and more content on my laptop or now tablet and am fed up with using in ear speakers ! If you want me to look stylish then pick up the not cheap but well designed and made Beats Solo 2 's in red or black pls santa.


What : WIFI Portable Speaker 


Jam Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker [View on Amazon]

or expensive Alternative UE Ultimate Ears Booom [View on Amazon]


Here in Teal and Yellow and the other options shown here.



Why do I want it ? I miss my music - despite music being ever more accesible I find the opposite true. I rarely get to sit at work and listen to music. I do get time during driving to listen but dont get to update my music as much as I would like on my flash drive and my BMW 320 D of only 4 years old says computer says no for reading music from the iphone.
You see in the old days I had as everyone maybe a main christmas present could have been a bike or such a music centre. I only just tipped mine of say 25 years old - thats how much it meant to me that I had in the shed roof for ages i loved that thing. it had 3 interchangeable cd's that would rotate round. But mostly I used to play cassette in the way the album had been designed - no convenient skip. There is no such equivalent for me now. Blame er indoors for not allowing me a music centre in the bedroom (I no longer spend time in there anyway) and I often feel that a small portable speaker might just help me to identify where I might place a better sound system.


What : Car recorder cam

Why ? : In the unfortunate event of an accident the factual video of what really happened can be invaluable. BUT I dont want a very intrusive device this means I will have to do my homework or get lucky. You want a decent quality picture (or does it really matter ?) but I dont want wires all over nor to have to sacrifice much screen for it.


What : Blue Planet DVD Box set
Why ? : For the great magnificence and slow mo speed shots that show the most interesting animals and mamals on the planet. Narrated by David Attenborough of course this BBC series was awesome.


What : A nice coat

Aston Martin Jacket

Why ? : They dont make zips like they used to and the lining is also looking a bit past it. It doesnt scream tramp just yet but it doesnt scream I am a man that wears an Aston Martin Jacket by Hackett >>


What : A nice new bracelet
Why ? : It can be returned if not to the recipients taste but for me I would go for something from on of my favorite designer stores TED BAKER.




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Sunday, 07 March 2021

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