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How not to Lose a Sale




Being a salesperson is not an easy job. It’s long hours of hard work, and more so when your earnings depend upon the number of sales you make, on a commission basis. Therefore, in order to cope with the demanding life, you need to ensure that your health stays in top shape. Here’re some tips that can help close that sale:

  1. Know the product very well: If you want to sell a product, you need to firstly need to know exactly what it is. Only when you are familiar with the product will you be able to present its strengths and unique selling point. Do your research well and also find out about competitive products in the market. You can then do a comparative analysis and figure out how your product is better than its competitor.
  2. Conduct a market analysis and find your target segment: Every product is particularly suited for a specific demographic or geographic group. It is therefore important to do some research on your target group- what are they looking for? What kind of products have historically done well, what hasn’t work in the past, how does your product fit into the existing market etc. Since this is not a desk job, one needs to move around extensively. To be able to do this, salesmen must be fit and healthy, and the best way to attain optimal fitness is to find an optimum diet loss plan for yourself.
  3. Listen to what your customer wants and explain how the product can cater to this: It’s important to first and foremost listen to the requirements of the customer. Your product may have many advantages, but if they are not matching up to what the customer expects, there’s no point. Only when you know what your buyer is looking for, can you explain how your product can help fulfil this need. Spend some time understanding the customer’s wish list and then prepare your sales pitch accordingly. Highlight the various ways in which your product can cater to these needs.
  4. Actively address concerns: A customer would naturally have various questions or concerns which they would like addressed before they finally make a purchase decision. As a salesperson, you need to be able to patiently listen to all of these and then answer each clearly and precisely. You need to be more like a person providing a solution to a customer’s problem, rather than someone trying to sell them an item and make money out of it. And in order to actively address other people’s concerns, you need to ensure that your health does not slow you down. Try a diet loss program full of healthy and nutritious food and avoid junk food.

Salespeople do not have it easy for sure- the constant travelling, meetings, business lunches and dealing with frustrating customers. It is therefore of utmost importance that they take care of their health and remain fit by following a diet loss program in order to keep their energy levels and high and weight low. 




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Sunday, 05 December 2021

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