Headphones For Swimming: What Are Your Options?

Headphones For Swimming: What Are Your Options?

Now a day's everyone like to listen music at everywhere because when they are listening the music then their mind will get relaxed and they feel happy. So they are listening music at all time like walking, driving, exercising, cycling, running, studying, playing. For this listening purpose the headphones are introduced to hear the songs conveniently. The headphone is a small device that contains wires and two speakers with small size. You have to connect this headphone wire to your mobile phone or computer device and place the headphone speakers into your ears for listening music. It does not create any noises to you and it gives only the pure music.

Bose Underwater Headphones

While swimming you can listen your favorite music by using this efficient device without any issues. If the call will come to your mobile at the time of music playing then you can attend your call by clicking a button on your headphone. Again the song will be played automatically after the ending of your call. You do not need to stop your work for attend the call or listening music. Some peoples are like to listening music while running. Other people like enjoy in the music when swimming in the swimming pool or beach, the ordinary headphones are not working in water so those peoples want some special headphones for listening music in the water. For avoiding that problem the waterproof Bluetooth Headphones are designed. These headphones are working in both inside and outside the water; these are not affected by water.

Seven Best Water Proof Bluetooth Headphones in 2017:

The following seven are the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones that are perfectly worked in any water activities like paddle boarding.

  • Plantronics BackBeat Fit
  • BlueAnt Pump
  • SoundWhiz W18
  • Photive PH-BTE70
  • Sony SBH70BK
  • Hussar Magicbuds
  • TROND Edge

Plantronics BackBeat Fit:

It is a famous comfortable water proof headphone and it was mainly used by sports players because this is suitable for all sports like running, cycling etc. It is works in 3ft deep water for 30 minutes without any damage and it is more flexible because it stays in your ear during fast movements also. The battery life time of these headphones are eight hours.

BlueAnt Pump:

This is the second best water proof Bluetooth headphone; you can buy these wonderful headphones for less cost. It is also work in 3ft deep water and it is not best for swimming because of the Bluetooth technology. It has good quality for working in all sports activity and you can enjoy water activity by visiting water parks.

SoundWhiz W18:

It is more durable & flexible headphones and it has a comfortable ear buds that are perfectly fit in your ears at all fast activities. In this the Bluetooth connection is very stable and disconnection is the very rare process. The sound effect is very clear and balanced, so you must enjoy at all time.

Photive PH-BTE70:

It is a cheap and best durable water proof headphones because it using the lightweight durable plastic as a main material. It is also have good comfort & fitness and you can adjust the fitness of the headphones on your ears. The 4.0 bluetooth connection is work up to 33ft for 10 minutes range and battery life time is 6 hours.

Sony SBH70BK:

It has the wireless ear buds with high quality sound and these headphones are lightweight as well as comfortable fitness because there is no wire so the buds never disturbing you while doing some activity. It has some disadvantages also like there is no charging capacity or status indicator.

Hussar Magicbuds:

It is another great water proof headphone with bluetooth ear buds and its sale for a cheap price, so normal people can also buy this easily. It provides stable bluetooth 4.1 connection to any android or iOS devices between the ranges 30ft for 10 minutes.


It has a quality sound effects and stable fitness, the main advantage is it have a good battery life time up to seven hours. It is not costly and it comes with very cheapest price but has some comfort issues.

Advantages of Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones:

  • There is no need to keep your device close.
  • You can hear music in the rain also.
  • You can workout or exercise friendly by using this bluetooth headphones.
  • It is a cable free device so you never disturbed by these headphones.

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